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Baby Gifts

Every new or excepting parent gets an exceptional amount of presents. It’s always hard to find the perfect baby gift, but we have exactly what you need. Our baby gifts are one-of-a-kind that will stick out, be worn often and are always greatly enjoyed.

We offer an infant and toddler polo creeper made 100% out of cotton. The legs have a 3-gripper opening. The buttons are wooden and the collar is knit. This baby gift comes in both navy blue and pink. The creeper ranges in sizes, starting at 6 months going up to 24 months.

Paring perfectly is the 100% cotton baby blanket. The blanket can be embroidered with your company logo and the baby’s name or birth date in either blue or pink. The blanket arrives folded with the embroidery centered and wrapped neatly for you to easily give away.

An adorable little bear in blue coveralls is perfect to add with both the blanket and polo. Your company’s logo can go on his back or his white hard hat. His miniature tool belt carries a set of soft tools. The belt includes a hammer, screwdriver, hammer and pliers. He stands 14” tall with brown and white fur, big brown eyes and a loving smile.

If you don’t want just one of our baby gifts, you can get all three items in one large gift package. The discounted price makes this the perfect baby gift. There is also an added gift card to write a small message for the new parent and baby. Your company’s logo can go on all three pieces in either blue or pink writing.

Each baby gift has an easy uploading process for simple ordering. If you have any questions about the customization process, please reach out to our concierge. Our concierge team works directly with all customization needs.

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  • Personalized Baby Blanket

    Personalized Baby Blanket

    Manufacturer: AEC Store

    Personalized Baby Blankets
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  • Construction Teddy Bear

    Construction Teddy Bear

    Manufacturer: AEC Store

    A personal treasure
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