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New Hire Kits

Whenever you bring a new member onto your team, a new hire kits can sometimes be hard to make or find. Even if you do locate one, they are generally missing vital pieces needed. We have put together comprehensive and complete new hire kits for any large or small company.

Since not all new hires are the same, we have 2 different new hire kits that can be used for any type of project. The kits are ordered in large quantities so you will have multiple on hand. We manufacture all items in the kits, including the bags. These new hire kits are the best quality and price.

The first new hire kit is our Co-op and Intern Kit. It includes a backpack, Uniball Gel Pen, Fliptop Calculator, Trail Bottle, small writing cards, embroidered navy cap and 2GB flash drive. The bag is full of items needed, but there is still room for additional personal items the co-op or intern may need.

The other package is the New Hire Kit, which is one of our most popular kits. Your new hire will enjoy our popular and widely used items. All items are loaded into our organizer briefcase. It includes a Uniball Gel Pen, Fliptop Calculator, LED Flashlight, conference journal, small note cards, 2GB Flash Drive, Scripto Stylus Pen and iPad Portfolio. The kit is personal and has all items any new hire needs.

To create the perfect new hire kit, we offer customization for both kits. Your company’s logo will be widely visible on all items. Customizing is an easy process. All you have to do is upload your company’s logo as an .eps or .pdf file. If you have any problems or questions uploading your logo we have a team to help you. Our concierge service is available by email at or phone at 1-888-90-STORE.

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  • New Hires Kit

    New Hires Kit

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    New Hire Kits for New and Experienced Hires
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