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FASTTAC is a software system and service which shares, organizes, stores and archives building information. The information consists of all published drawings, documents and models, supervisory notes, comments and annotations, subject matter expert instructions, comments and advice, and labors' observations and reports. This information is gathered, updated and appended from early design, through construction, while commissioning and during facility operations. FASTTAC's advantage is its simple user interface…as simple as using an ATM.  FASTTAC is the only collaboration software that works on both a PC and iPad.  To learn more about how to implement FASTTAC to improve productivity, reduce your printing costs and manage risk please click on the link below:

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  • FASTTAC SyncSet Access

    FASTTAC SyncSet Access

    Manufacturer: FASTTAC

    FASTTAC SyncSet - User Access to their Project Database
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  • FASTTAC SyncSet Reader Access

    FASTTAC SyncSet Reader Access

    Manufacturer: FASTTAC

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  • FASTTAC Uploads

    FASTTAC Uploads

    Manufacturer: FASTTAC

    FASTTAC Uploads - Database Development for each Project
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  • FASTTAC Training

    FASTTAC Training

    Manufacturer: FASTTAC

    FASTTAC Training - Learn about the Systems Attributes
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