Fall Protection

Fall Protection

Fall protection is a harness that supports an individual’s body if a person falls. It’s important to have fall protection for any tall building construction or repair environment. It keeps the job site protected and the worker’s safety the top priority.

AEC offers a full range of fall protection pieces. We have a piece that will work for whatever any situation. All metal pieces are lightweight, but durable to create an added sense of safety and comfort.

Each fall protections piece is completely adjustable. They can fit all types of body types comfortably. Each section has a no-slip, adjustable mental clip. Extra accessories pieces can be added to the fall protection pieces for added comfort, depending on the desired fit. All of the AEC fall protection harnesses come in multiple colors to fit your company’s logo and job site specifications.

All AEC fall protection is manufactured by multiple companies to guarantee your satisfaction. Miller is a company who leads the fall protection industry. They specialize in developing secure materials to keep any high-risk worker safe. MSA is known as the safety company. All of their products are created with safety in mind. They have created my of the top designed safety features for multiple situations. DBI is the fall protection distributor for several big name companies. They are one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

AEC also offers a wide range of fall protection accessories. Many pieces can be added to the harness for extra protection and comfort. There are also pieces important for the functionality of the harness. Each manufacture creates their own ropes, metal pieces and roof harnesses to maintain safety. All items are specific to the manufacture, so make sure you buy all of the necessary pieces. Several pieces can also be customized with your company’s logo.

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