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Fall protection or fall arrest as it is commonly referred to, involves the secure stopping of a person who is falling. Falls are considered to be the most common causes of injuries and deaths associated with serious work. So, it is highly essential that employers make sure that his employees are provided with proper safety equipment to give them proper fall protection when workers are made to work in elevated work stations, overhead platforms, into holes in the walls and floors etc. to provide the workers with a safe environment that are free of possible health related dangers that can arise.

Now, the question that hovers over our minds is that how can an employer make sure that his employees are well protected and how can he reduce these falls?

The OSHA law states that fall protection should be provided to workers in the general industry if the minimum elevation height is 4 feet, in the shipyards if the minimum elevation height is 5 feet, in the construction industry if the minimum elevation height is 6 feet and in long-shoring operations if the minimum elevation height is 8 feet. Any type of floor hole should be guarded if there is a chance that workers will walk past that hole. The holes can be guarded using a warning board or a toe-board, railings, floor hole cover. Every elevated floor, runway or open sided platform needs to be guarded by a railing or a toe-board. Other means of fall arrest including safety nets, harnesses, stair railing, hand rails etc needs to be kept at the workstations for immediate avail in case of any emergency.

Fall protection should be the primary consideration of all employers when they require people to work at elevated work stations. To that end it is equally important that employers purchase the correct fall protection equipment. 

There is nothing to worry, as we now have an online site where you can purchase all your requirements easily without delay. Here, we give detailed descriptions of what the usage of the safety equipment are and sell them at reasonable prices. We have:

  1. Lightweight full body harness
  2. Duraflex harness
  3. Contractor harness
  4. Python ultra-harness
  5. Cross arm strap
  6. Wire hook anchorage connector
  7. Grip concrete anchor
  8. Lanyards
  9. Personal fall limiter
  10. Self-retracting lifeline
  11. Relief step suspension devices
  12. Roof anchor for flat surfaces
  13. Beam anchor
  14. Horizontal lifeline kit and many more

Just browse through our site and you will find all the necessary equipment to provide your workers with a safe environment to work in. Not just this, we offer products that are of very high quality and provide effective protection against falls. All our products are made by experts and tested and retested multiple number of times to guarantee safety and longevity. We assure that our products will give your employees the security they need when they work at heights.

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