Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are important for protection during a wide variety of job sites. The most important thing on any job site is to ensure safety among the employees. One of the simplest ways is to make sure all workers have the best and most durable safety glasses.

The frames are made out of polycarbonate and nylon. These two materials are lightweight, but durable. Because they are lightweight, they are also comfortable. These frames make the glasses long lasting and highly safe. The frames do not bend out of place or scratch.

There is nothing worse than having stray marks on lenses. All of our lenses are all scratch resistant. Our lenses also have UV and radiation protection to ensure safety for any time of job. There are multiple color options for the lenses, which also coordinate to levels of UV and radiation protection. Safety classes can be made for specific needs depending on the type of job site.

Safety should also be comfortable. Any safety product that is hard to use or uncomfortable is not doing its job properly. AEC offers the most comfortable safety glasses. Portions of the nylon frames are rubberized to fit properly on each persons face. The temples can be adjusted easily to for behind ear comfort. Nosepieces are also available to extend comfort for all people.

We also provide and offer a large list of lens cleaning supplies. Our safety glasses cleaning supplies get any stray smudges off with ease. We also have straps for safety glasses. Safety goggles, generally used to chemical or dangerous materials, are also offered.

There is a wide range of sizes available for all safety glasses to fit all heads. All safety glasses can have your company’s logo on the temples or straps. Uploading your company’s logo is quick and easy.

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