Safety Glasses

General safety glasses are important for any type of hazardous job. They protect workers’ eyes from harmful damage that can create horrible handicaps. The level of safety for all general safety glasses is most importance. AEC offers a large list of the most safe brands, styles and fits. No matter which general safety glasses you order from AEC, your safety is guaranteed.

It’s important to be protected from all types of bright and damaging lights. AEC offers a large selection of colors and styles. Depending on the work environment, different colored lenses may be required to ensure complete eye protection. Different parts of your eyes or face may need to be covered. AEC offers multiple styles to make sure you can find any general safety glasses you need. General safety glasses are very important when working with harmful chemicals. Eye infections and blindness can happen if people are not fully protected.

AEC general safety glasses are shatter proof. If any flying particles slam into the lenses, your eyes will remain safe. The lenses are also scratch proof, so there will be no vision impairing lines.

The AEC general safety glasses are also very comfortable. There are rubber pieces throughout the glasses to fit comfortable on any face. Many of the glasses come in multiple sizes for anyone with a small or large head. There are also general safety glasses that go over hats or fit closely to your head. The temples are also adjustable to stay behind your ears.

There is a wide range of general safety glasses accessories available to go with all AEC safety glasses. All AEC general safety glasses have the option of being customized. One any of the general safety glasses, the temples can have your company’s logo on them. If glasses come with straps or you wish to order straps, your logo can also be places on them.

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