ORR XP Safety Glasses

While it is important to protect your eyes from the sun, it is just as critical to protect your eyes from dangers at work. Eye safety is an important topic amongst individuals working in construction and manufacturing sector. Statistics show that eye injuries result to 20% of temporary and permanent vision loss among workers. With Orr XP safety glasses, eye injuries are going to be something of the past. Orr XP safety glasses will provide you with enough coverage to help protect your eyes while at the same time, it will also enable you to see well to go around with your work.

Orr XP safety glasses come with a variety of unique features. Some of them have a protective shield on the sides of the eyes as well as on the sides of the eyes while others have polycarbonate lenses or frames. At the same time, you will find some of our ORR XP safety glasses allow the user to wear their prescription lenses into them. Our safety frames are always far more durable than any prescription lenses.

Our Orr XP safety glasses also come with a variety of lenses color for the consumer to choose. All these come under the same price for glasses under the same categories making it quite affordable for any person. The colors available for the Orr XP safety glasses include blue clear and grey.

For many jobs , you are required to read while working while there are Orr XP safety glasses that allow you to wear your prescribed glasses in them, there are the Orr XP bi-focal lenses which apart from protecting your eyes, they will also give you the ability to read clearly when necessary.

Apart from being colored, our safety glasses are also tinted and for outdoor workers, they have a UV coating that offers 99.9 % protection against harmful rays while others have an anti-fog coating, which will allows workers to see more clearly under adverse weather conditions.

The Orr XP safety glasses are designed in accordance to standards established by ANSI. For the basic impact safety glasses have a CR-39, with a 3 mm thickness at the center of the lens and has also passed the 1 inch drop ball test while for the high impact lenses they have successful undergone a high impact and high mass tests whereby they have polycarbonate with a center thickness of 2 2mm. Therefore, with our safety glasses, you are guaranteed you will not have a problem with the law, as you will have satisfied the rule imposed by OSHA to have all the workers wearing safety glasses.

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